Laptop Display Repair

Here is some important information about repairing laptop display issues, or having them repaired.

When repairing a laptop with display issues most technicians think that if a laptop has a display problem, it must be caused by the graphics chip (GPU). However, this is simply not the case.
In fact around 90% of display issues are not caused by a fault in the GPU. There are a number of things that can cause problems with a laptop display. In order to diagnose the problem you need to follow a step by step process.

It is important that a technician does not reflow the GPU without knowing that, it is definitely the gpu causing the problem as reflowing the GPU can cause further damage! We often repair laptops that have been reflowed and damaged.This leads to us having to repair the original problem and the damage caused by other technicians.

Unfortunately this does cost more and it is very frustrating when this happens.

We offer a 100% fix guarantee on all untested laptops! Please get in touch if you have any enquiries.

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What to do when you spill liquid on your laptop!


It is important thgg60088933at you follow these instructions to ensure that minimal damage is caused to the laptop.

1. Turn off your laptop straight away. I cannot stress the importance of doing this quickly, every second counts!

2. Remove the battery, power lead and any other components such as USB leads attached to the laptop.

3. Wipe of the excess liquid with a dry cloth. Hold your laptop upside down to reduce the risk of water penetrating in to the motherboard.

4. Contact us on 07415401610 as soon as possible so we can assess the damage.

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