About Us

Who are we

We are an electronic repair and sales company based in Greater Manchester.


We are opening a new store on New Malden High street

Computer Technicians Experience

Our computer technicians have over 15 years experience in repairing electronic items such as laptops, Computers, Game consoles, monitors and much more.

Our Head Computer Technican AyazOur motivation

Over the past few years we have provided our technical services to computer shops based all around the North West. We are now providing our services to customers in South London, and have a shop opening soon in New Malden.

Techno Repair has in house Technicians!

What this means for you is that:

1. No need to pay unnecessary handling price, therefore a much more competitive price!

2. you can speak directly to the technician carrying out the works on your device!

3. A much quicker service!

And Remember… We are the technician!

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in our customer service skills. By providing a personal service we aim to keep our customers 100% satisfied, if you have problems or enquires we are always on the other end of the phone.


We also offer many discounted products for our customers to purchase as part of our quest to digitalise the globe!  Have a look at our shop to see if you can grab yourself a bargain!

Blog and Social Media

By using our blog page and social media we endeavour to keep in touch with our customers. We provide information about latest products and common faults. Keep in touch with our blog page and social media sites, post questions any questions you may have and we will try our best to answer them as best as we can.

We are currently on Facebook, Google plus and Twitter.